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You Have The Power

One of the things that's excited me about Dean's campaign is the strong message of participation and empowerment. In this sense with the Dean campaign's use of the internet, McLuhan's thesis holds true. The current meme is that the campaign is "message" powered; but as we all know, the medium is the message. Dean's line "you have the power" is more than just rhetoric; he has a medium that makes it the truth and that medium is the net.

Why am I mentioning what we already know? Because after a long hard weekend (don't ask) I logged into our back end and looked at the comments from our announcement list signup page. I looked at all the prospective nodes we've got for our beta group already, and suddenly it was real. I get all the support -at- americansfordean.com mail too, and the way you've responded with encouragement and constructive criticism has been a real powerful boost. Here's a sample:

You guys are doing great work. There were people talking about this kind of set up back in 94-96, when the web burst out, but the tools weren't there. There were DNC staff, and activists, who got it, and who talked about doing exactly what you guys are setting out to do, in terms of empowering and linking up people all the way down to the precinct level. It looks like the time is finally right, with the right mix of powerful but inexpensive tools, so that you don't need a top-down decision from someone at the Democratic National Committee to make it happen.

A lot is going to be happening over the next few weeks. We'll be releasing more information about what we're going and how it will work; and also rolling out some beta tools for you to start using. We're going to keep Dean's momentum growing and make the mousepad-to-shoeleather connection a real livewire.

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We've gotten our first press! Wired.com interviewed Zack and gave us a pretty positive write-up. Looks like we're no longer under the radar.

If this is your first time visiting us, please feel free to poke around. We have some information online now, and plenty more to come. If you're thinking about running a Dean Network Site (a "Node") you can use the signup form. If you're not sure about running a site, but want to keep up with what we're doing here, we suggest you sign up for our low-volume announcement list instead.

There are a lot of exciting things on tap for this project. We will very soon have a forum up to handle brainstorming and technical support issues. If you want to know about it the minute this happens, we again suggest that low-volume announcement list.

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We Are Americans For Dean

We call ourselves Americans For Dean. We are a project that aims to help the good doctor's volunteer grassroots continue to grow and self-organize with the internet, and most importantly to begin to use technology to drive real-world campaigning. We are not about ego, control or power. We are a resource. We want to create infrastructure to let you all do what you feel you need to do to support your candidate.

We are using open source tools and protocols to do it. We are making it user-focused and easy for anyone to hook up. Our ethic is one of interconnection and participation, of fact-based decisions and individual voices. We feel we're working on the future of democracy, working to reclaim the tradition of civic culture and town-hall decision-making.

We want you to be involved. If you're a part of a meetup group, a campus club, a community center, an online discussion group or any other collection of citizens who are interested in working to elect Howard Dean -- working to restore a government of, by and for the people -- we invite you to sign up to be part of our pilot program.

There's a growing amount of information on this website, both technical and otherwise. There are also a number of other things which are coming online in the next few days, so pardon us for now if it's not all in place. We also welcome your questions about our efforts. We're also here to help support your efforts, whatever they are. Feel free to contact us at any time: support@americansfordean.com

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“And we call ourselves, simply, Americans”


Warm up your news aggregator’s coz here the feeds of the future:

"A pugnaciously populist insurgent candidate defeats a tax-cut-empowered $200+-million-campaign-budget-wielding popular war time president with a social-nodal-RSS-conjoined-web-network run on open-source-software-fueled by smart-mobbing-net-campaign-adhocracies straight out of a Cory Doctorow Creative Commons tagged short story."

And the most incredulous thing is - the most ridiculous aside of this farce --- I know it just might work. A long shot, no doubt, but while WalMart may forever meet our convenience-shopping needs this populace is unequivocally and unmistakably primed for the social-via-digital revolution we know to be nigh approaching.

Nocturnal can-do hacking ethos and gumshoe populist politics are the perfect patriotic fit. Special interest money committee formed candidates are itching for an expunging. When internet-empowered citizens realize their capabilities it will inevitably lead to what clueless journalists will perhaps label as the “Napsterization” of the political process - in an attempt to describe the process of a bottom up institutional unraveling of the stodgily entrenched, innovation-stifling bottlenecks now bereft throughout our electorate system.

The trees are thirsty and the storm is approaching. Have you readied your galoshes?

Welcome to AmericansForDean

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