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Summer Camp!

Greetings from Stanford,

Tommorow is day four of iLaw - The Berkman Center for Internet and Society Internet Law Seminar. aka Larry Camp.

Between my grandmother and I, approximately $1500 will have been spent renting me a peer group for a week. So far it looks to be some of the best money I have ever spent.

No matter how much you believe in your ideas, no matter how much sense you make of your world, until you are reaffirmed by your peers - they are incomplete.

Good luck Stephen Wolfram.

Posted by Zacker -- July 3, 2003 @ 01:30 AM | Comments (0)

Hello World


I would like this post to be the start of a wonderful relationship. I want you to get to know me. Then I want you to help me change the world.

I am from Mars. My name is Zack Rosen. Mars is a thirty minute drive north of Pittsburgh. I tend to keep myself fairly interested in life. When my time is not invested in time-honored institutions such as school or the workplace you may find me fencing, reading, writing, making pottery, finding and listening to music, talking, thinking, or daydreaming.

I want to build the perfect web based social network. I think web communities will play a large role in the structure of our future societies. I want to understand how people want to use them, and then I want to find a way implement their communicative desires.

My personality is unavoidably weird. Because of this I may say some very strange things. Please do not be alarmed, I am probably only attempting to amuse myself. If you don't understand something I said and it isn't funny, chances are I am finding it hilarious.

If you are reading this sentence then you have probably invested yourself enough in this project to know what we are trying to do. It is magnificent... it is big, and bold, it is beautiful.

It doesn't exist - It is an idea.

Can you help us make it real?

Posted by Zacker -- June 26, 2003 @ 12:07 AM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0)

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